Lydia Roberts

Could you tell us a little about yourself?
I breath, I blink, eat and sleep..and do art.

Where did you grow up? And where are you located now?
I grew up in a suburban nightmare, Swindon. And am still living there now, hoping to leave this year for London.

How did you get into art?
I think, like most children, from the moment I first set my eyes on pen and paper I was gripped. But I haven't since lost that grip on the pen, and my curiosity has continued to grow and expand from that day onwards.

Is photography your preferred medium? What other kind of art do you make?
Yes, I would say photography is currently the language I'm most fluent in, alongside crazy, mashed up collages, scribbles and drawings - anything mixed media floats my boat.

Did you attend any postsecondary schooling for art or photography?
I'm currently at college, studying a BTEC in art and design. Hoping to progress on to art college this year, or work my way forwards.

Are your concepts usually planned out or do you often rely on spontaneity?
Usually they are unplanned, planning in my world, often ends up the complete opposite anyway - so I like to see where the wind blows.

Do you have a role model?
Yes, there are a significant amount of people I look up to in different ways. I'm constantly finding inspiration from my peers and friends. Even strangers are my role models.

Who are some of your favourite artists/photographers?
I would say currently that Deborah Turbeville and Francesca Woodman are my favoured. But its a whirlwind combination of many!

Do you prefer to use yourself as a subject in your photographs or would you rather photograph other people?
I like to use both; using myself allows me to convey what I want easier, and its more self therapeutic. Yet, photographing other people allows me to invade and discover something new in that person - which can be incredibly scary or exciting.

Do you have a different connection with your self portraits than you do with your other work?
Yes, I would say my self portraits have a much more personal and raw undertone to them, mainly because I choose to capture myself in troubled or confusing times.

Do you have a favourite piece of work that you’ve created? Which is it? And why is it your most-liked?
I would say this is a recent favourite of mine (see above). It kind of captures an exhaled breath, relief, dizzy, hallucinogenic madness - which felt right at the time.

What could we find you doing in your spare time?
Gormlessly staring out of windows, eating bread, scrawling away on a scrap of paper, or sneakily snapping an old lady on the bus.

Do you do any work on the side that is unrelated to art/photography?
Not really, art feeds into most things I do.

Have you exhibited your work before?
Yes. I was fortunate to have a joint exhibition with two very talented young men, Conor William and Jack Davison in December 2010 (curated by the amazing Brett Walker)
That was a very memorable and overwhelming experience.

What are you other hobbies & interests?
My love of arts spreads in to dance and music - so I would say that. I have many morbid fascinations with dead things too..

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you always know that you would end up in the field of art?
Well it started off with the classic, 'ballerina' - which actually survived a good 15 years or so. It's still in my pipe dreams..
But I have always wanted to create and make art, yes.

You can view more of Lydia's haunting work on her flickr