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Work Feature: Anna Kieblesz

Poland-based photographer Anna Kieblesz...

Find more of her awesome work on her website or flickr

Interview: Marija Mandic

Tell us a little about yourself. (Who are you, what do you do, where are you from)
My name is Marija Mandić and I live In Novi Sad, Serbia.
I study new media art at the Art Academy.

Do you have any interesting or 'strange' personality traits?
I think that I know and see myself like nobody else can, and I think that’s how this thing works with other people also. So, I can’t answer this question. Other people can do this for me.

How did you get into photography?
It started spontaneously. I have been writing in my diary since I was a child, and in one moment I just began to take photographs instead of writing words.

How often do you find yourself taking photographs? Do you create or do any other kinds of art on the side?
I photograph when I have the urge to do it. Sometimes I have about ten rolls of film in a month, sometimes it’s only two. I never know. I make videos as well and I love to draw. These are my favorite kinds of art.

What might we find you doing in your spare time when you aren't shooting?
I love to spend time with my best friends and boyfriend. We are always doing something, so right now we are occupied with a project we want to realize. Besides that I love to do what I wrote in my previous answer ☺

A loaded question, but where do you see yourself in five years?
I hope I’ll be on my own, somewhere out of the borders, doing things I love to do.
Or maybe staying in Novi Sad, but travelling often.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I remember that I wanted to be a detective. In one moment I wanted to be a driver of an excavator.

Who are some inspirational figures in your life? (in terms of other photographers/artists or just people who have some kind of presence in your life)
The biggest inspiration for me is the moment in which I am right now and my childhood. Many people inspired me and everyone does it in their own way. Some of them are people from my life, who are really close to me and some of them are artists. Right now young talented artists from all around the world inspire me. It all depends on who I am interested in at any given moment.

Have you exhibited your work before, or do you have any upcoming shows/exhibitions?
I have had few group exhibitions in Novi Sad and one In Pančevo. I exhibited photographs, installations and architectural design for the museum. In November this year I will participate on Nofound/Photofair in Paris, like one of the people who represents Disturber Magazine and I will have that group exhibition in Casa Bastllo In Barcelona. In January of 2012 I will have exhibition in my town by presenting project Circle E on which I’ve been working on with friends of mine Marija Kovač and Aela Labbe.

Your images are very personal and intimate to me, and I always discover a sense of vulnerability when exploring your work. Are a lot of your shoots planned? Or do you usually just shoot whatever you see in the moment?
Some of them are planned and some of them are not. For now there are, I think, three or four series which are staged, and the rest is my every day life. I never plan personal kind of photography. That just happened, I want to remember the moment, so I capture it. I am working on the concept of women’s sexuality, so photographs of that theme are planned.

What are your favourite blogs or websites?
Every day I find some new sites, internet gives you a lot of them. Lately I love skin and wood, but I love more to go from one site to another and so on.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you want to be?
You really made me think about it. I never wanted to be somebody else. I didn’t think of that at all. The 80’s are my favorite years, so I can just say that I wish I was born in the 60’s, so I could enjoy the 80’s.

View more of her work on her flickr