Artist Feature; Hollie Chastain

I've really started to dig the work of Hollie Chastain.
You can find more of her collages, drawings and artwork,
at her website, flickr, or etsy page!

Photographer Feature: Jess Von Brandt

This is from Jess Von Brandt's collection of photos
using a Polaroid Film back on a Bronica SQ-A.
You can view his flickr or his website. :)



a stage play by Kacey K. Spadafora.


Iva Cukic - Belgrade, Serbia.


Louis Fry - London, United Kingdom.


space:monkey - Rome, Italy.

Meg Sharp - London, England.

Graveyard Grey

"Nordic Aperture" - Trondheim, Norway.


Spencer Tweedy - Chicago, United States.

Alejandro H.

Nigel Harris - England.