while we watch you sleep

Writer Cara Fox and photographer Douglas E Pope are in cahoots for a new zine project.  

while we watch you sleep is a mash of photography and short stories that explore the delicate art of sleeping. In the creators' words, it is "an intimate examination of the most sacred human condition, the unconscious."

The magazine will become available for purchase through Tumblr, and locally around the Melbourne area, in about a month.

read excerpts of while we watch you sleep on Tumblr.

Much Better in Dreams

Nanó Wallenius - Sauvo, Finland.

iu in.

Jacqueline Zebraskiin - Covina, California.

Colton Davie - Birmingham, United States.


See more of DRIPpY's work on Flickr.


Annette Pehrsson - Sweden.

Valerie White - Dallas, Texas.

Celia Gómez De Villavedón - Dallas, Texas.

Rares Dan - Brasov, Romania.

Sarah Alo - Champaign, IL.

No Angels

caticatinka - Germany.

Bruna Coutinho Valença - Recife, Brasil.

lostinagoodway - Wiesbaden, Germany.

Thomas Dreschler.

//Emma - Lucerne, Switzerland.

Empty Spaces

17 miles

Francis Pelletier - Montreal,Quebec.

Rebecca Cairns- Toronto, Canada

Alexander McKeever

Lindsay Fast- Montreal, Quebec
Let us go dancing into the streets...I reach and hope that I will never stop believing...
Aubry Aragon- Colorado, USA

Rapture Rush

Maggie Lochtenberg - Los Angelos, California.

cosestesse - Neukölln, Berlin.

Lena Palladina - Moscow, Russia.

Mariam Sitchinava - Tbilisi, Georgia.

Sannah Kvist - Gothenburg, Sweden.

Trevor Nelson - Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Feature: Photographer Rowand Taylor

Some crazy good work.

You can find more on his
website or flickr or tumblr. :)

Feature: Photographer Daniel Grendon

You can admire his work on
his website or flickr page. :)

Feature: Photographer Brittany Nicol Fabry

You can see more of
her work on her Flickr .