Pat The Bunny Speaks!

Over the weekend, we were given the privilege to chat with Pat The Bunny - former ringleader of do-it-yourself punk bands Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains and Wingnut Dishwashers Union. Although, the days of Johnny Hobo are over; He's recently come clean, completing a year long rehab stay. His new music project is a band under the name Ramshackle Glory, who are about to embark on a ever-growing summer tour.

Where did you grow up? How was your childhood?

Pat: I grew up in Vermont. My childhood was good. My parents are nice people. I really had a hard time with school. The school I went to was probably among the least coercive ones I could have gone to, but any school probably would have set me off. Anyway, I was really angry from about kindergarten until about a year and a half ago.

How did you get into making music? What was your first band?

Pat: I've made music as long as I can remember.

What was the first show that you played?

A talent show in primary school.

What's your favorite show or experience that you've had playing thus far? Worst?

Pat: I'm not really a story teller. I'm not one of those people who catalogs experiences so that I can easily respond to questions like this.

Any insights into your process of making songs? Any advice for growing musicians?

Pat: No insights. The only advice is to play music, if you feel like it.

How was rehab? What led to your addiction?

Pat: There isn't a genetic component, environmental factor, or event that "leads to" addiction, unless you want to speak so literally as to be somewhat absurd (e.g. "using heroin constantly led to my addiction"). The previous causes are very mysterious. People from all possible backgrounds, with all kinds of life experiences develop addiction. There was no extraordinary trauma for me growing up, beyond stuff everyone goes through to varying degrees at one time or another: getting told what to do and not liking it, feeling like I didn't fit in with people, etc.

To get an idea of what this question is like from my perspective, how would a non-addict answer if I asked them: "What led to your lack of addiction? What caused you to get through life without shooting dope?" That's as strange to me as shooting dope is to you. But the only insight they could probably give me is that they never shot dope because they aren't a junkie. It's all circular, no matter what side of the question you're on.

How has the reception been about no longer playing your older songs?

Pat: You'd have to ask someone who listens to them. People who do aren't writing me to say "fuck you" about it.

How is the world going to end?

Pat: The world will probably end about the same time as the sun.

Find out more and hear new songs online from Ramshackle Glory.