Interview with Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of Perry Bible Fellowship comic

 Where did you grow up? How was your childhood? 

 NG: I grew up in Manchester, NY - not far from where I live now. It's a quiet place. Quiet enough to experience some unusual things. I can't dream of answering your second question swiftly, but fine I guess.

My mother would beat me relentlessly at Dr. Mario. She went to school to be a nurse, so she had some kind of sixth sense about how to arrange the pills to make multi-part score combos. As you know, it's one of those two-player puzzle games where the better you do, the more your opponent is punished. Well, I couldn't beat her.

One night, after a particular brutal versus mode session, her water broke, and she had my baby brother. Ever since then, she hasn't played so much. I've, of course, gotten much better at it. And my confidence has sky-rocketed. Turns out little brothers can be good for something.

 What was your first job?

NG: My first job was working on a farm in middle school. 6am to 4pm. Every day of the week. Not much of an exaggeration there.

It could have been a traumatic experience, but I went through it with my friend Justin, and we made a hilarious game out of it.We'd just laugh when things got really bad. When we were super tired, hungry, or scared of being yelled at, we'd just do really well. I think Justin and I still hold the record on that farm for most tomato pecks picked in a single day. We each picked 192 pecks. Are you really interested in this?

How did you get into making comics?
NG: My Mom would sew pieces of paper together when I was very young, and my siblings and I would make little stories for them.
Of all the Perry Bible Fellowship comics that you've put online, which is your least favorite?

I'll say Commander Crisp. I'm quite proud of it, but I really did lose 5 weeks of my life to it, painting it large, then scanning and assembling it all on a super-slow computer. It was right about the time when I realized the PBF wasn't making sense for me or my body.

Why did you stop Perry Bible Fellowship?

NG: Haven't fully stopped (I always have a few drafts lying around that I look at and think about). I stopped doing it weekly because it was physically hurting me to do so.

I would just pull too many all-nighters trying to get them done on time. I have some kind of resistance to putting out something that I'm not 100% feeling good about, and this would sometimes require that I not sleep a day or two before deadline.

What projects are you working on now?

NG: You can find one of them here:

Any advice for growing comic artists?

NG: Keep growing.